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Retin-A The Truth About Tretinoin

Some people in their 20's are seasoned pros at taking care of their skin, yet many are new to the idea of a complete facial skin care regime.

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Let me fill you in on the basics of skin care so you can evaluate what you're doing now, and what you could be doing better.

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Dr. Zein Obagi Interview - Creator of ZO Skin Health

4 and SAVE an additional 10% off the current discount price! 4 is an exfoliating lotion that contains phytic acid, which is gentler than AHAs, in a soothing base to smooth and tone rough or damaged skin.

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Tretinoin ( retinoic acid) is the acid form of vitamin A and is available as a cream or gel (brand names Retin-A, Renova, Aberela, Airol, Atralin, Avita, or Stieva-A).Tretinoin Emollient.05 // Where To Buy Obagi Tretinoin Cream 0.1

Where to buy obagi tretinoin:

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