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Levoxyl (a brand of levothyroxine drug - synthetic T4 - made by Pfizer) is off the market currently, not due back until at least the middle of 2014.

Everything Changes – The Guide to Young Adult Cancer Levoxyl.

Various excuses have been offered by the company - tablet size problems, etc.

Is <b>Synthroid</b> or <b>Levoxyl</b> the Best Treatment for Hypothyroidism.

Is Synthroid or Levoxyl the Best Treatment for Hypothyroidism.

What do you think the # 1 most prescribed drug in America is? According to the last statistics we have seen it is a drug for thyroid replacement ed levothyroxine.

Synthroid vs Levothyroxine the debate. - Thyroid Disorders.

I recently tried to refill my prescription for Levoxyl and learned I cannot due to a re by the manufacturer Pfizer.Levothyroxine generic - Levothyroxine - oral levothroid levoxyl.

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