Reactive arthritis and prednisone

Reactive arthritis

SHEILA, reactive and rheumatoid arthritis My name's Sheila and I live in a glorious part of the U. To move even a fraction of an inch was painful and I ended up surrounding myself with about eht or nine pillows as I lay on my back during the nht.

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If you have reactive arthritis or think you may have it, your family doctor should refer you to a rheumatologist.

Questions <em>and</em> Answers About <em>Reactive</em> <em>Arthritis</em>

Questions and Answers About Reactive Arthritis

Many patients with inflammatory arthritis such as RA are kept on low dose prednisone (5 to 10 mg daily) for many years.

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October 2016 This publication contains general information about reactive arthritis.Diabetes Management Nutrition Ac1 -

Reactive arthritis and prednisone:

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