Bayer and cipro

Bayer Cipro

Cipro is a brand-name for the prescription drug ciprofloxacin hydrocoride, an antibiotic approved to treat various sinus, respiratory, urinary and skin infections.

Cipro green mucous and stools

Cipro is the brand name for the drug in the early 1980s and introduced the drug in both Europe and the United States in 1987.

Anthrax <em>And</em> <em>Cipro</em>

Anthrax And Cipro

As a result of the current Anthrax scare another fluorinated drug ed CIPRO has received extensive media coverage and the name has become familiar to millions almost overnht.

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As soon as the first cases of anthrax resulting from suspicious mail became known, there were wide reports of a hectic run on this drug.Cipro Nationwide class action - Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren

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