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The drugs act in a different way as Benicar is a sartan medicine while Lisinopril belongs to ACE inhibitor of drugs.

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Metabolism: Pro-drug (benazepril): hepatic cleavage Active metabolite (benazeprilat): hepatic glucuronide conjugates Excretion: Pro-drug (benazepril): 4% renal as glucurondine conjugates Active metabolite (benazeprilat): 11-12% biliary & 8% renal Treatment of hypertension either alone or in combination with other medications, left ventricular dysfunction after MI, acute MI within 24 hrs in stable patients and adjunctive treatment with heart failure Lisinopril 2.5 mg tab $0.65 5 mg tab $0.9710 mg tab $1.0020 mg tab $1.0730 mg tab $1.51 40 mg tab $1.56Zestril2.5 mg tab $1.025 mg tab $1.53 10 mg tab $1.5820 mg tab $1.6930 mg tab $2.4040 mg tab $2.48ACE inhibitors is a sample topic from the Johns Hopkins Diabetes Guide.

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Benicar HCT (olmesartan medoxomil-hydrocorothiazide) vs Lisinopril: comparison of drugs used for treatment of hh pressure.

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The post compares medical uses, benefits, side effects and mechanism of action of both drugs.Lisinopril 10mg Discounted Europe, Buy Lisinopril 40 -

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