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How many pills of Lexapro do you need to take to get hh.

Can you get hh on some sort of antidepressant pills? It is idiot advice/stories like this that put people into hospitals and morgues. Could have been adderall, but this is NOT considered an antidepressant drug. Yes you can feel hh off them, and I am not going to fht people about this. Paxil made me hy suicidal and gave me absoloutly insane mood swings and I did not get hh.

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In opposition to time release, the entire contents of a parachute is absorbed and dested by my stomach much quicker than when in tablet form so I can feel the effects quicker and more intensely.

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Will I get hh off lexapro? Yahoo Answers

I just been prescribed 10mg by my doctor and I haven't taken it yet.

Lexapro Hh

Hello Katie, Although I have been off of lexapro for a number of years, there was a time when I was on 10mg of that ssri and I often smoked simultaneously. If your nephew decides to try any harder drugs, he may find that ssri's can have very "whacky" effects ranging from intensification to complete nullification, but god willing, you'll never have to deal with that. Before I did that, I was on Serazone (Reallllyyyy bad reaction). I was calm and able to take a vacation from everything. People with ADD tend to have anxiety issues most of the time.Drug info - Can Lexapro be used to get hh - Drugs Forum

Take lexapro to get high:

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