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Vector Lovers is the moniker used by British electronic music producer Martin Wheeler.

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Wheeler, as described by Soma Records (his current label) is a "computer nerd" and "80s-obsessed knob-twiddler" and creates music which falls into the intellent dance music (IDM) and electro genres.

<b>Vector</b> <b>Lovers</b> - Warm Launderette CDO Vs. Rossarama - Golden Ratio.

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Given that Martin Wheeler created and recorded i Phonica on a smart phone, using just Sennheiser HD 25 headphones and Blip Interactive's Nanostudio app, it could very well be remembered as "that i Phone album." The idea of recording ad hoc—in Berlin cafes, on the Yorkshire moors, in a doctor's waiting room—may excite producers stuck in attic studios. Wheeler's luxuriantly emotional electronica certainly deserves better than that.


VECTOR LOVERS | PATIENCE (BVDUB REMIX) & REPLICATOR [SOMA359D] 1. Replicator As we mark a milestone in the career of Vector Lovers which sees the ten year anniversary of the project, we at Soma Records are proud to bring you the first single from the forth coming album i Phonica (so ed as the whole album was created on the i Phone! Featuring a spectacular remix of ' Patience' from Dutch wonder producer Bvdub backed up by the deep and trippy ' Replicator'.Vector Lovers - Warm Launderette CDO Vs. Rossarama - Golden Ratio.

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