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Azithromycin camydia masturbation - Doctor answers on.

Masturbation, orgasm, nocturnal emissions, and ejaculation will not affect how well camydia treatment works in males or females.

Ed Treatment Illinois Medication For

I was recently on doxycycline for a suspected Camydia infection . However, the other day I masturbated and noticed afterwards that my penis had a discharge of its own way ... I have a question about azithromycin, recently i tested positive for camydia and I took my medicine as told 4 pills of the 250mg at once. Took azithromycin and all my symptoms went away ...4 months ago I was tested for Camydia and Gonorrhea because my testicles were in pain. nurse friend told me to use doxycycline for treatment but when i searched on the net i saw Azithromycin ... 2) Ciprocinal 2x500 mg 10 days and Visiren (ofloxacin) - 2x ... My doctor prescribed me a one time dosage of azithromycin.Where Can I Buy Zithromax - Online DrugStore

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