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Other areas of my expertise include\u00a0LGBT medicine and HIV medicine.

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\u00a0I have some snificant experiences with Hospice care and\u00a0I advocate for a sane approach to the drug war and teach and write about harm reduction.

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Zoloft and Wellbutrin AND Zoloft and Lamictal - Bipolar.

he didnt want to take the lamictal because of the side effects. My memory is sharp like it used to be, and I have no cognitive dulling. I was hoping the Wellbutrin would help me with my concentration, but it hasnt. could i take Ritalin (along with these 2 drugs) or a natural drug to help with my concentration? my deep depression(suicidal thoughts) mostly went away,but many problems still exist.

Can i take Zoloft with wellbutrin, adderall, abilify.

I have been taking Lamictal 200mg 2x a day now for 2 years.Lamictal + zoloft? Yahoo Answers

Wellbutrin lamital zoloft:

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