Does accutane help you loose weight

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Accutane (generic name: Isotretinoin; brand names: Eratin / Amnesteem / Claravis / Decutan / Isotane / Sotret / Oratane / Roaccutane / Izotek) is a retinoid (a vitamin A derivative).

Do You Lose Weht on Accutane? LIVESTRONG. COM

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Do <strong>You</strong> Lose Weht on <strong>Accutane</strong>? LIVESTRONG. COM


However, like you, whilst I have found patients describe weht loss/weht gain on the internet I have not found any medical evidence to support this. Do you know of a pill that will clear up skin and not make one gain weht?

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As i said before i am 19 years old and hae acne since about age 9 or 10, it was cleared up for while then out of nowhere about a month or 2 ago it just went crazy, my doctor told me she wanted to to go on accutane and she said she was certain it would work, but a kid committed suicide while being on this drug plus all the long term affect like liver problems and even the acne getting worse and not better. im off of accutane i didn't complete my accutane therapy.. he gave me all the tests from blood cp, esr, uric acid, blood fasting sugar, thyroid...Spironolactone Aldactone Reviews Everyday Health

Does accutane help you loose weight:

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