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Alleviation of Hot Flashes With Increase in Venlafaxine Dose - NCBI

I know we all react differently to drugs, but I have seen a few npostings, here and on other sites, that states doctors prescribe Effexor, and other anti-depressants to help relieve the intensity of hot flashes.

Management of Hot Flashes in Men With Prostate. -

Trials suggest 60% effectiveness in reducing flashes, however I've read about nasty side-effects of Effexor (full dose for depression).

Management of <strong>Hot</strong> <strong>Flashes</strong> in Men With Prostate. -

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I am 51 and began taking Effexor XR 75 mg as prescribed by my physician to help reduce the hot flashes. It has helped to reduce the hot flashes, however, I have other side effects that concern me.

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It may be winter, but menopausal women across the country are still sweating and disrobing.Antidepressant May Ease Hot Flashes of Menopause - The New.

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