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Supposing i took genuine Merck Finasteride for say a month, and decided i'd like to continue the treatment, and then ordered a load of generic Finpecia off the 'net - would my body detect a change in supplier? God knows why people go to Belgravia, they charge something like £150 for 3 months of minoxidil when you can get the Kirkland brand, pay £60 for a whole years supply LOL, you're laughing, people just fall for the whole "Belgravia Central London" malarky and the majority of patients who visit are not forum members so arent very informed.

Generic Finasteride vs Name Brand Propecia - Hair Loss.

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<em>Brand</em>-Name vs <em>Generic</em> Finasteride Jan-Feb 2016 - Wolf Medical

Finasteride vs. Propecia Are They the Same.

Hi Doc, Had a couple of questions; Been following your blog for sometime now and had a few concerns. I have been on finasteride for approximately 3 months, till now I can say that maybe I have noticed some thickening at the most.

Brand-Name vs Generic Finasteride Jan-Feb 2016 - Wolf Medical

Note: Fraudulent online pharmacies may attempt to sell an illegal generic version of Propecia.Finasteride Generic Drug List of Brand/ Trade Names Medindia

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