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LSD and Anti-Depressents, specifiy Zoloft. Anyone have.

Hallucinogens are mind altering natural or synthetic agents which can produce state of intoxication with changes in mood, thoughts and perception.

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One of the unique characteristics of hallucinogens, especially LSD, has been the recurrence of symptoms even in absence of recent intake.

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Just started taking Sertraline Zoloft, am I OK to trip tonht? LSD

I've got some 1P-LSD, I'm considering microdosing - with a view to doing a full dose in a month or so when the work I've got on is out of the way.

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Here is a good example and lesson on the dangers of drug interactions. Her mother had asked me to housesit, as the house has been subject to previous burglaries. R cooked some chicken soup, as i decided to consume four 100mg Zoloft tablets (I later learned from the PDR that in no circumstances should any patient take more than 200mg of Zoloft per day.) I am also not a depressed person.Trying lsd while on zoloft LSD - Reddit

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