Metformin to treat obesity

Metformin Side Effects - Part 3

Many Life Extension members like to brag that they do not need to take any prescription drugs.

Diabetes & Metabolism Side-effects and Contraindications of

Given the lethal side effects posed by so many FDA-approved medications, avoiding them whenever possible makes sense. Its broad-spectrum anti-aging properties make it a drug that most longevity enthusiasts should seriously consider asking their doctors about.

Diabetes & Metabolism Side-effects and Contraindications of

Clinical trial Metformin Obesity Study

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Metformin to Treat Obesity in Children With Insulin. -

Condition(s) targeted: Obesity Intervention: Metformin (Drug) Phase: Phase 3 Status: Active, not recruiting Sponsored by: Children's Hospital Boston Official(s) and/or principal investator(s): Carine Lenders, MD, Principal Investator, Affiliation: Children's Hospital Boston This trial will test the hypothesis that among obese adolescents, treatment with extended-release metformin (Glucophage XR), coupled with a lifestyle intervention, will result in decreased obesity (as measured by body mass index [BMI]) as compared to subjects who receive treatment with placebo and the same lifestyle intervention.Metformin Anti-Aging Plan

Metformin to treat obesity:

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