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Does Clomid make you have multiple births? What are the chances.

For women who don't ovulate on their own the chances of concieving twins on Clomid is reported to be about 1/20 and snifantly less for triplets or hher order multiples. For a woman who ovulates regularly, (on her own without medication,) the chances of concieving multiples on Clomid snifantly increases.

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Betsy Kilmartin and her husband tried to conceive a child for nine months with no success.

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They saw a doctor to find out what could be causing the problem and found out there wasn't any specific biological cause -- it was what's considered unexplained infertility."It's hard, you're on an emotional roller coaster," Kilmartin told CBS News.Multiples statistics. Buy Online Here! No prescription

Clomid multiples:

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