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Bed and Breakfast Allegra-Nova is situated in the historical centre of Ghent between Sint Michiels Church, Gravensteen (Castle of the Counts) and the Beguinage (Begijnhof).

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Fast train Allegro is the easiest way to travel between Helsinki and Saint-Petersburg.

Hotel buses - Flughafen Zürich - Zurich Airport

Hotel buses - Flughafen Zürich - Zurich Airport

Certifications: Wilderness First Responder, First Aid, CPR, Topography, PADI Advanced Open Water cert Areas of Expertise: Backpacking, camping, hiking, summiting, kayaking (especially the sea variety), rafting, scuba diving, ic and alpine skiing, roadtripping, laser tag A native of Bozeman, Montana, and the daughter of a wilderness ranger mother and an Alaskan- and Andes-mountain guide father, Allegra really had no choice in becoming a nature fanatic.


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