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Gifts and The Arizona Chile Poster Chili Recipes Chiles In The News Slideshow Out-takes From The Chile Pepper Story Video: Down On The Chile Farm Arizona Hhways Magazine Chile Story Scoville Heat Scale Chart and Explanation Chili Cook-offs Across America Legal Notice & Copyrht Information Using Pay Pal in the gift shop: How Pay Pal Works -- Your Privacy & Security with Pay Pal Friends of Eat More Arizona Hhways Magazine Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Company Curry Seed and Chile Farm Some of Our Favorite Chile Pepper Websites *For superior handcrafted dry rubs, the award winning Chile Chili, as well as bulk spice and chiles, check out the awesome Just Simply Good Stuff website!

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Green Energy Barrier is a special type of reflective foil attic insulation that acts as a radiant heat barrier; meaning it actually blocks the transfer of radiant heat. Green Energy Barrier simply acts as a radiant heat barrier by reflecting radiant heat back in the direction which it came from.

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