Clomid multiple success stories

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Would love to hear your success stories of twins or multiples on clomid. I'll be taking 100 mg on days 4-8 when AF comes in 3-5 days. I started on 50 mg of Clomid last summer (cd 5-9), after a couple cycles they upped it to 100 mg and I got pregnant in November, which ended in an early chemical pregnancy loss.

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Infertility FAQ for Women of Size -- <strong>Success</strong> <strong>Stories</strong> - Fertility Plus

Number of Follicles and Multiple Pregnancy Risk with Insemination

IUI, which is an acronym that stands for intra uterine insemination, does not offer the greatest chance of multiples.

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Betsy Kilmartin and her husband tried to conceive a child for nine months with no success.Infertility FAQ for Women of Size -- Success Stories - Fertility Plus

Clomid multiple success stories:

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