Neurontin pfizer fined for wrongful prescription

Pfizer To Pay $2.3 Billion In Bgest Fine Ever For Deceitful Drug.

Greene LLP announces the $14.5 million settlement of a lawsuit alleging improper marketing of the prescription drugs Detrol and Detrol LA by defendant Pfizer, Inc. Off-label prescribing of Detrol was detailed in the book by Melody Petersen, and is the subject of that book’s first chapter, entitled “Creating Disease.” The Detrol suit marks the third time that Greene LLP attorneys have successfully resolved claims against Pfizer that the company illegally or fraudulently caused off-label prescriptions of its drugs.

Pfizer to Pay Record 23 Billion Fine

The lawsuit was brought on behalf of the United States by two former employees of Pfizer under the False Claims Act, which permits individuals who have knowledge of frauds against the United States to sue on the federal government’s behalf and to keep a percentage of the recovery. After a five week trial in 2010, a jury awarded a $142 million Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act verdict to Greene LLP client Kaiser Foundation Health Plan after Pfizer fraudulently caused off-label prescriptions of its Neurontin epilepsy drug.

Million Settlement with <em>Pfizer</em>, Inc. in False Claims Act Case.

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Neurontin Suicide Link Neurontin (Generic: Gabapentin) may be linked to suicide and suicide attempts.

Million Settlement with Pfizer, Inc. in False Claims Act Case.

There is not always truth in advertising, but when you really lie, you really pay - especially if you happen to be an enormous drug company.ProfileCrazyGirl -Goblins のメンバーリスト

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