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Ultram is just tramadol///tramadol is the generic name and Ultam is a brand name Trams do have both an AD quality causing increased seratonin/which is the same action as many popular ADs...zoloft, lexapro, prozac paxil, is an intense immediate effect with trams and these other ADs have to build up over time to help depression...

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Conditions that affect metabolism or hemodynamic response.

<b>Tramadol</b> <b>and</b> <b>paxil</b>

Interactions between Prozac oral and ssris-snris-tapentadol.

Bonsoir, Je viens de lire plusieurs témonages concernant le tramadol et notamment le risque de syndrome seroto' avec les Irss (la Paroxetine en fait bien partie? Je sais d'ores et déjà que je serais mal demain or j'ai une réunion importante au taf ou je dois faire bonne fure.

Has anyone been on tramadol and paxil at the same time? if so.

Mais je vais me retrouver sans Seresta demain et ai bu (environ 3L de bière) ce soir...Tramadol and paxil Forum

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