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Formulations and amoxicillin/clavulanate content are: Tablets: 250 mg/125 mg, 500 mg/125 mg, 875 mg/125 mg; 875 mg/125 mg tablets are scored.

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PRESCRIPTION: Yes GENERIC AVAILABLE: Yes PRESCRIBED FOR: Augmentin is effective against susceptible bacteria causing infections of the middle ear (otitis media), tonsillitis, throat infections (pharyngitis), laryngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, and pneumonia.

Amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid MedlinePlus Drug Information

Amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid MedlinePlus Drug Information

Patients can have allergic reactions to molecules of varying degrees of severity, ranging from a rash to anaphylactic shock.

Pneumonia - Adults Community Acquired Antibiotic and Antiviral.

This important Clinical Decision Support tool enables a practitioner to be automatiy alerted when a prescribed medication contains active ingredients that are known to cause an allergy in their patient.Augmentin Uses, Dosage & Side Effects -

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