Is soma metabolized into miltown

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So enough with the serious posts about the idiots of the world. The other is a drug ed Meprobamate also known as Miltown/Equanil for those of you who are close to retiring. This entry was posted on Friday, October 25th, 2013 at pm and is filed under Drug Trivia and Rants.

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Will soma come up as a benzo in a urine test,i'm on probation and have a presrcription for xanax,but i'm having servere muscle spasams n leg cramps,my friend gave me a soma to try,will i pass this test,they only check for weed,oxycontin,benzo,e n opiates... No soma does not show up on a drug screen it is non-narcotic it just has addictive ingredients and so does xanax it too is also a non-narcotic it just causes you to have addictive behaviors.

Drug Fact Sheet

SOMA COMPOUND - Licensed Brand &, Generic Medications.

Meprobamate is a bis-carbamate ester with hypnotic, sedative and some muscle relaxant properties.

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Is soma metabolized into miltown:

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