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18, 2002 -- No matter how conscientious parents are, babies are likely to come down with colds during their first year, and colds often lead to ear infections.

Baby Has an Ear Infection

Today's date is a good time to do more research about baby ear infections and prevent chronic ear infections occurrence.

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As for other meds to give for an ear infection, i had asked that question to my ped before the ear infection came about and she said unfortunately there is nothing. my adult son has suffered from middle ear infections since he was an infant. he was prescribed augmentin then another antibiotic i cannot remember the name of. the concern is that he continues to pull bloody mucusy stuff out of the ear with q tips.

Baby Ear Infection

The neurologist referred us to an ENT, however the ENT doesn't have any appointments until a month out.AUGMENTIN SINUS INFECTION EAR INFECTION

Baby ear infection augmentin:

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