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Statins are the hy touted drugs for reducing cholesterol.

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Using food to lower cholesterol is an additional, not alternative approach. As in: “If you don’t get your cholesterol down with diet and exercise, we’ll need to put you on medication.” But most doctors don’t really know the dietary specifics to lower cholesterol sharply, which is why the government recommends a pill ed a statin for as many as 36 million people with excessively hh cholesterol.

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Tens of millions of Americans are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs—mostly statins—and some "experts" claim that many millions more should be taking them. Statins are HMG-Co A reductase inhibitors, that is, they act by blocking the enzyme in your liver that is responsible for making cholesterol (HMG-Co A reductase).

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The fact that statin drugs cause side effects is well established—there are now 900 studies proving their adverse effects, which run the gamut from muscle problems to increased cancer risk.Statins - Are YOU Taking These

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