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Tempus Peregrinator is my name in The Society for Creative Anachronism, The (SCA) is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to re-creating the best of the Mediaeval and Renaissance eras (600 C. Want to know more about living in what we the current middle age, go to the Official SCA Web Site, org, or my much smaller Tempus' SCA Weeb Site.

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E.) We study and enjoy various arts and sciences, of the time, such as history, culture, music, dance, mock combat, archery, armouring, heraldry, embroidery, costuming, raphy, food & drink, and many more.

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James House provides an abundance of services for men, women, and children struggling with domestic violence and sexual violence and are in search of effective ways to improve the emotional, mental, and physical health in their current living situation.

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Nos bases des données sont constituées à partir de différents travaux effectués par les membres du Cercle Généalogique de Languedoc et par des personnes non adhérentes au Cercle Généalogique de Languedoc.Assemblée Générale 2017 du Cercle Généalogique de Languedoc

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