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Clomid is one of the primary fertility medications used in conjunction with IUI.

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How much it works and how b the effects is depends on a number of factors including age, FSH and AMH levels in your body as well as the dose and number of days the shot is taken ... Antagon is a gnrh-antagonist to prevent premature ovulation, and timing is critical; follistim is a gonadotropin for ovarian stimulation and missed doses may be less critical than with antagon, but can still have huge impact on a stimulated cycle. Read more See 1 more doctor answer Those injections can be used in combination with sex, insemination, or ivf (in vitro fertilization).

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In intrauterine insemination (IUI), or artificial insemination, sperm are placed directly into a woman's uterus in order to facilitate fertilization.

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In many cases doctors recommend augmenting the IUI process with fertility drugs, whose purpose is to trger ovulation and thereby increase the chances that a woman will get pregnant.Clomid Follistim Ovidrel Iui #1 Top Online Drugstore

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