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Nothing left to say And all I've left to do Is run away From you She led me on, down With secrets I can't keep Close your eyes and sleep Don't wait up for me Hush now don't you speak To me Wrapped my hurt in you And took my shelter in that pain The opiate of blame Is your broken heart, your heart So now I'm all by myself As I've always felt I'll betray my tears To anyone caught in our ruse of fools One last kiss from me yeah One last kiss good nht Didn't want to lose you once again Didn't want to be your friend Fulfilled a promise made of tin Crawled back to you I'm all by myself (close your eyes) As I've always felt ?

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No queda nada que decir Y todo lo que me queda por hacer Es huir De ti Y ella me conduce a la depresin Con secretos que no puedo guardar Cierra tus ojos y duerme No me esperes despierta a ahora no hables Conmo Envuelto mi sufrimiento en ti Y conseguido mi refugio en ese dolor El narctico de la culpa Es tu corazn roto, tu corazn As que ahora estoy solo Como siempre me he sentido Traicionar mis lgrimas A cualquiera atrapado en tu astucia de tontos Un ltimo beso para m....

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The song-writing credits list James Iha and Billy Corgan as co-authors, but Corgan claims that Iha only wrote the chord structure for the beginning of the song, and that Corgan himself wrote the rest.

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Mike from Newark, "Soma" was also the name of a concoction of poppy, cannabis, and the plant that was boiled in water and drank to regain focus in early Indo-European Afghanistan and Central Asia.Smashing Pumpkins - Soma - YouTube

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