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Prepare yourself: When the new “pink Viagra” marketing blitz kicks off in June, instead of graying guys talking about sex between evening-news segments, you’re likely to see “mature” women.

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The name of this new sex pill for postmenopausal women is Osphena, and while the market for it mht not be as huge as Viagra’s is for men, the drug’s maker is banking that it will appeal to millions – especially after the company launches its “education” campan about “dysparunia,” which Osphena is desned to treat.

<em>Premarin</em> Conjugated Estrogens - Reviews, Ratings, Comments by.

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The bad news is that these are often replaced by new symptoms such as insomnia, hot flashes, nht sweats, low libido, memory loss and depression; all indicators of hormonal imbalance. D., explains that this is not the case: “The ovaries are snificantly impacted by partial hysterectomy.

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Staness Jonekos got engaged for the first time at age 47. Rht,” the award-winning television producer began planning the wedding of her dreams.Menopause Does Not Result In Weht Gain - It Increases Belly Fat.

Premarin hysterectomy weight gain:

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